Tour dates


Michael Moore Film Festival  July 25th 2017  Traverse City Michigan.

Black Rock City, Nevada Aug. 27 th-Sept 4th 2017

San Quentin Prison Sept 18th 2017

Pledged Dates

Berkely California with Dune Thomas And Brently-TBA

Ashland Oregon with Andew Moun -TBA

Portland Oregon with Cindy Colvin -TBA

Aspen Colorado, with Andrew Scott-TBA

Sedona Arizona, with Andrew Scott-TBA

University Of Maryland-TBA

Isamu Noguchi Museum, Brooklyn N.Y. With Howard Bloom TBA

London with Patrick Bellew-TBA

Hambourg Germany, with Eammon McCormick-TBA

Dublin Ireland with Eammon McCormick-TBA

Plant your flag on our schedual! 831-238-1234

Pencilling dates now.  Then to ink by mid-summer please.