Nuke Murphy The Eco Comic! Green is as green does…

The Nuke Murphy Show is funny first. He talks about common sense, dating and how to drive your credit score in just one weekend. He tells his own story battling Booze and getting long-term sobriety. Nuke may be “live and & rabid but he shoots straight from the heart.

Nuke literally tracks current global statistics and myriad of green career opportunities. Is this possible without being preachy? Sure is. Nuke sings and plays parody songs to encourage young people to think for themselves and get the most out. Everybody gets a Native American name in the audience. everybody gets involved in the show! Nuke Has an I.Q. of 182 be careful He talks and never stops talking unless a sedative is administered. (sober show actually) Then there is the legendary Dr. Rupert Opie show which ran for 3 seasons. Who is actually who? Noel? Nuke? Opie?

Dr. Rupert Opie- – watch more funny videos

Nuke (aka) Noel Murphy has opened for Ellen DeGeneres, Bon Jovi, Paula Poundstone, Steve Wright and many others…Yeah Bill Cosby too.

Nuke Murphy. Was spotted at the age of nine by Canadian Science producer Paul Benzaquin. He starred alongside former Mouseketeer Darcy did Gosson in the one season minor hit “up your science” The show peaked in 1984 when Nuke was 12. Murphy’s step-father drained the accounts and left with his former baby sitter. Nuke won the Montreal comedy competition in 1988 when he was only 16 he did stand -up comedy on Canadian primetime and headlines the top clubs in Quebec until Xmas eve 1992.  He crashed his Harley motorcycle while performing in Sheboygan Wisconsin. Nuke survived a 9-day coma and woke with no recollection of this life as a performer and comedian. For 18 years he lived in his mother’s single-wide and became interested in potato salad competitions entered and won many.   He was a favourite with the other contestants and he sings and cooks in a miniature kitchen he built himself.