GreenThought International 501(c)3

We need; Gift and gas cards, certificates of any and all kinds! Cash, Sponsors for screenings, Donated theatres to do showings, Donated animation, Music,  Film expertise.

GreenThought International 501C (3)  Is dedicated to a world that works for everyone. We effect change though producing  transformational media and live events such as 2017-18 The Buckminster Fuller Leadership and Comedy Tour, Design Science Labs and The World Game Show.  We are bringing the new unreleased film BUCKY a Fuller Future featuring Jeff Bridges around the world to share it everywhere. We are members of National Campus Activities and bring forward the truly moving design and life principals Bucky Fuller left as his legacy to be shared by all of us.

GreenThought is a coalition based framework that models sustainable thinking as a means for creating social justice and service in the World Marketplace.

It is a strategy and a goal, a means and an end; GreenThought supports creative genius individually and collectively.

GreenThought guides leaders into focused action through the position of ownership and a commitment to sustainable thinking. In this sense, Green Thought becomes a relationship through which we see the world and each other. It asks us to put the relationship above personalities and partake in constructive energy management.


Green Thought Visioning:

Green Thought promotes sustainable thinking, which is ultimately based on love, compassion, and the enduring longing of the human spirit to know it’s oneness with a experience of Source— I believe that an essential element of sustainable thinking is “sharing the good”. When I share my good, especially in the service of others, I feel healed and empowered. I am so grateful to have experienced much healing the past several months. Countless experiences have revealed to me that it is in the spirit of giving back, through service of others, that healing happens.

In recent years, I was supported during an experience of great suffering and I am forever thankful for the spiritual healers and teachings that I learned from throughout this experience. I learned that shining the light of compassion on painful memories of any kind can shift disempowerment to ownership, a much more workable position from which to view the world. I spent much time on the “receiving end” of this loving support and have benefited from the loving service of others, many of whom I do not know. Receiving loving support can light the path for healing and for me, the experience created a heart space that now feels wholeness by giving back of itself, by being of service to others, as many had been for me. Service for humankind can be a beautiful expression of sustainable thinking and has the special component of being action driven.   This is embodied in The Prayer of St. Francis’, “For it is in giving that we receive…”

In this spirit of service, I am proposing to collaborate with Green Thought in bringing together organizations within the community whose missions and actions seek to demonstrate Green Thought Principles. I envision Green Thought empowering global leaders of possibility who are shining their light by making a loving difference in the world through their acts of service.


Green Thought Service:

Green Thought will provide (YOU) to organisations demonstrating their love for the world’s family through service. Several organisations are doing this type of work in our region and would benefit enormously from your coaching:

Building for Generations, Cory Ybarra; Global Heart Ministries, Cory Ybarra; The Foundation for Tender Loving Care, Samuel Schoonover; Sea Lab, Les Strnad; Susan Springfield, Playwright, Spiritual Dinner Theatre; Cat Espinosa, Author of Children’s Books; Mary Anne Kramer-Urner, Haitian Relief Prosthetics/Doctors Without Borders, and many more.

The premise is quite simple: Service is an amazing healer and creates loving experiences. Green Thought will provide (all your great stuff) to leaders in action changing the world; this in turn will catalyze these leaders into higher impact whereby those on the receiving end will grow in numbers, learn and adapt, and implement their own visions of service within their lifetimes. All this is simple demonstration (energy in action) that service creates loving experiences which in turn creates more service and so on; the beneficiaries are infinite, a requisite component of sustainable thinking.


Green Thought Mission:

Green Thought facilitates the exponential growth of sustainable thinking; love and compassion are reinforced by demonstration, and the human family learns to value all life as part of the One Love.

Green Thought sets the standard for sustainable thinking and demonstrates opportunities for industry/corporations and non-profits to lead the way in developing sustainability standards within the Global Market Place.

Obtain monetary and resource grants related to sustainability in all markets to fund Green Thought educational seminars.


Green Thought Elements:

Coalition, network, setting the standard, relationship, commitment, knowledge of oneself, service oriented, win-win, share the good, model for future, resource management, teamwork, attitude of collaboration, agreement, multitude of applications and grants, a “ bridge”—the high road of agreement to serve the greater good, allows for “meeting of the minds” from diverse backgrounds, world impact through local impetus, abundant means for funding/grants, endorses the human family concept, reverence, spreads goodwill and tolerance within the world family, connection, fulfillment –individual and collective raises energetic vibrations, energetic equivalence, practical and conceptual, measurable effects, step outside ourselves, embodies “givens” known within psychology, philosophy, physical and mental health, supports actions of self-help, personal growth for participants, application to everything and all…

Mother Teresa said, “If we find no peace, it is because we have forgotten we belong to each other”. Green Thought holds dear the notion that we do belong to each other and we have a responsibility to look out for and help our human family. Sustainable thinking is a means to draw together factions doing this type of work and bond them into a cohesive, well-intentioned team. Momentum will grow from this collaboration of minds intent on service and sustainable thinking and thus improve opportunities for the world family. Green Thought recognizes that every individual has something special to share with the world. Our goal is to provide sustainable thinking strategies to guide individuals and teams to give life to their gifts and share them with the world family.