The Film

BUCKY a Fuller Future is a Trilogy of 3 films The first, The Grandfather if Green shows Bucky Fuller’s design secrets and how to use them today.

Now we need Bucky’s Ideas more than ever. Now the people is how to sort out the 50 years of recordings and writings. How to actually describe Fuller accurately. A nearly impossible task over a decade by Filmmaker Noel B. Murphy


a film by Noel B. Murphy


BUCKY is a film with a universal message of hope and possibility, taking place in the world of sustainability but carrying over into all facets of life. We think it is a story that will inspire those who see it to realize that they too can change the world.


Here’s some of what’s already in the can!

  • Allegra Fuller Snyder, Buckminster Fuller’s Daughter & Chair of BFI
  • Norman Foster, Architect and Buckminster Fuller’s partner on many projects
  • Dr. Thomas Zung, a partner in Buckminster Fuller’s architectural firm
  • Patrick Bellew, Professor of Sustainable Design, Yale University
  • Elizabeth Thompson, Director, Buckminster Fuller Institute
  • Lynne Twist, Aide to Mother Theresa, Author of “Soul of Money.”
  • Jay Leno, Auto Expert & Comedian
  • Al Gore, Former Vice President and Environmentalist
  • Ed Begley Jr., Actor and Environmentalist
  • Daryl Hannah, Actor and Environmentalist
  • Jay Hubbard, Curator, National Automobile Museum
  • Luis Fernandez-Galiano, Ed. S.
  • Ocean Robbins, Founder, YES
  • David Blume, Bucky’s partner on renewable fuel
  • Jay Baldwin, Buckminster Fuller student and historian
  • Brian Malow, Science correspondent,
  • Phil King, Restoration Project leader, Crosthwaite and Gardiner
  • Ron Covell, Fabrication expert
  • Jeff Applebaum, MIT
  • Dr. Deborah Johnson, Activist, Martin Luther King Alliance
  • Noel Murphy, Comedian and Film Director